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One Last Mission

Mark Elder shares his diorama with us. The Just Plane Stuff Luftwaffe Plank Hardstand sets the stage for Mark's nicely done one-oh-nine.


Ian Robertson's F6F-3 looks right at home on a Just Plane Stuff carrier base.

1/48 F4F-3

"Mr. Just Plane Stuff" has actually been known to complete a model or two himself! Here he is showing off what can be done with his F4F-3/3a conversion (JPS016) and CAM Decals sheet 48-110.

1/48 F4F-3

Tom Foti has also completed the Just Plane Stuff F4F-3 conversion (JPS016) and found a happy home for the Wildcat on the U.S. Navy Flight Deck (JPS018).

1/48 Corsair

Bob Hagburg has done a beautiful job on this 1/48 Corsair, and it looks right at home on the Just Plane Stuff 1/48 U.S. Navy Flight Deck (JPS018).

1/48 B-25B

Tory Mucaro has done a splendid job both on this B-25 and the Just Plane Stuff USS Hornet base (JPS015).

1/48 Bf109G-14/AS

Eric Whipple has converted a 1/48 Hasegawa Bf-109G-10 into this Bf109G-14/AS, as flown by Lt. Richard Franz of 7./JG-11. Eric has chosen to display it on the Just Plane Stuff Luftwaffe Hardstand (JPS006).

1/48 Kate

Another submission from Eric Whipple is the 1/48 Hasegawa B5N2 Model 3 Kate, crewed by LCDR Murata, W.O. Hoshino, and NAP1-C Hiryama on December 7th, 1941. The Kate looks right at home on a Just Plane Stuff Japanese Flight Deck (JPS003).

1/48 Hasegawa F-86

Robert Ulrich submits his wonderful 1/48 Hasegawa F-86 and displayed it on Just Plane Stuff PSP Hardstand (JPS008)

1/48 F-4B

Another great combo from Robert: 1/48 F-4B displayed on Just Plane Stuff Modern U.S. Navy Carrier Deck (JPS013)

1/32 Erich Hartmann's 109

Jerry Crandal has done a superb job on this Hasegawa 1/32nd Me109 using Eagle Editions' decals to depict Erich Hartmann's aircraft in early 1945. The model is displayed on the recently released Just Plane Stuff Luftwaffe Hardstand (JPS017).

Do you have a picture of a model you have built using, or displayed on, a Just Plane Stuff product?? If so, please submit a picture!

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